Dyed Bone Saddle

A guitar saddle is designed to transfer the vibrations through the bridge into the top wood of the guitar. This quick and simple upgrade will have an amazing affect on your instruments tone, harmonic content, and playability.

  • Made In India
  • 100% Original Bone Saddle

Dyed Grey Bone Saddle For Guitar Bass Replacement

Size- (8mm x 3mm x 10mm) 

Dyed stabilized blue Guitar saddles blank for martin and style style guitar

    Size-1/8′ x 1/2′ x 4.25″ (3.20 mm x 12 mm x 108 mm)

Available Sizes

Guitar Bone  Saddle Blanks custom size

Material origin: INDIA

Bone saddle blanks for different guitar brands

Gibson bone saddle blanks: 4-1/4 x 15/32 x 9/64” (107.95mm x 11.91mm x 3.57mm)

Martin bone saddle blanks: 4-1/4 x 15/32 x 3/32” (107.95mm x 11.91mm x 2.38mm)
Bone saddle blanks available

Bone saddle blanks: 85 x 10 x 2.5mm

Bone saddle blanks: 85 x 10 x 3.5mm

Bone saddle blanks: 85 x 12 x 3.5mm

Bone saddles blank    : 80x3x10mm

All Sizes Are Available As Per Requirement

Dyed Burnt Orange Bone Acoustic Guitar Blank Saddle

Suze- (90mm x 3mm x 10mm) 

Guitar Bridge Saddle Blank dyed Gray Bone Guitar String Bridge Blanks Parts for Classical Guitar

  Size- (80mm x 3mm x 12mm)

Dyed Grey Bone Acoustic Guitar Blank, Saddle

  Size- (90mm x 3mm x 10mm)

Dyed Brown Bone Saddle

    Size- 3/32″ X .470″ X 4.25″   (2.4mm X 12mm X 108mm) 

Fossil Walrus Ivory Look like Stabilized Camel bone Saddle Blank

        Size- 1/8″ , 3/32″ In 4.2inch         (80x3x10mm) 

Fossil Walrus Ivory Look like  Stabilized Camel bone Acoustic Guitar Blank, Saddle

 Size-(90mm x 3mm x 10mm)

Fossil Walrus Ivory Look like,Camel bone Martin Guitar saddles

Size-(3/32″ X .470″ X 4.25″)

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